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Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer

Why Hire an Attorney?

An experienced Social Security disability attorney can make a difference in your case. That attorney can help guide you and your case through the thousands of statues, regulations, rulings and court decisions, all of which are important in helping win your case. The attorney can also help personalize your case so the government can better understand why you are no longer able to work. The attorney can also help ease the normal fears of going through the appeal process by helping familiarize you with the system, suggesting to you things that you do not need to be concerned with and alerting you to important matters that require your attention.

Whether you are living in or close to Indianapolis, Muncie, Anderson, Ft. Wayne, Evansville, South Bend or in any other town or city in Indiana, the same process applies to file for Social Security disability benefits and appealing a denial for benefits. What is different about the process is you! Your medical condition, which causes you to be disabled, uniquely affects you. A Social Security disability attorney can help make your case different from the other cases.

Why Should You Select Me as Your Attorney?

I have spent most of my legal career representing the injured, sick and disabled as an Indianapolis Social Security Disability attorney. I care deeply about making certain that a person’s disability case is presented to the government most persuasively. I work closely with my clients throughout the administrative disability appeal process. I meet with each client personally, well in advance of the hearing date. Together, we review medical records, note which records are missing and obtain those records. My clients and I identify medical witnesses along with family and friends who can help with the case by documenting their observations. Once we identify witnesses, I contact those persons to ask them for assistance. I discuss with my clients the regulations which most affect their cases. I answer questions about the process. I return calls and emails from the clients during the appeals process. In every case, I prepare a pre-hearing brief and submit that brief to the judge so that the judge will be aware of the medical facts and limitations which cause my client to be disabled. If the decision is unfavorable, I do not walk away from my client; I help the client appeal.

Other attorneys who handle Social Security disability cases may practice differently. Some Social Security disability attorneys who help Indianapolis residents do not live and work in Indiana. Some attorneys meet their client, for the first time, on the day of the hearing. Not every attorney feels the need to spend the time to write pre-hearing briefs. If a client loses a case at an administrative hearing, some attorneys chose not to appeal the case.

I accept referrals from other attorneys who ask me to represent their clients during the administrative disability process and before the federal district court.

I write about Social Security disability matters on my blog (indianasocialsecuritydisabilityattorney.com). I also teach Social Security law at legal seminars.

Even though my law offices are in Indianapolis and Anderson, I do not limit myself to representing clients only in those areas. I accept Social Security disability cases from clients throughout Indiana.

My First Case...

Some 35 years ago, an "older" attorney called me on the telephone and told me that he wanted to send a client to me. This client had worked in a local factory for years. She had been a good worker. She had paid into the system. She became too sick to work at the factory or anywhere else. Her private disability insurance carrier through her work had decided that she was disabled. But when she applied for Social Security Disability benefits, her claim had been denied. She had gone through the Social Security administrative appeals and lost. The next step for her was to file a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration in federal court in Indianapolis. This was my first Social Security case. I agreed to help. I filed that lawsuit in federal court and then represented her in her appeal through the court and eventually back to the Social Security administrative process. From that point on, I have been representing the injured, sick and disabled before the Social Security Administration and the federal district courts.

35 Years of Lessons Learned...

One lesson I have learned after having served as the Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer for many disabled persons is that without an attorney who knows and understands you and your case, standing by your side, the appeals process can seem large, impersonal, complex and, at times, a little frightening. Some have called the Social Security appeal process the largest court system in America. Because of my experience in the courtrooms of this state and my years of experience in interacting with the folks at the Social Security Administration, I am comfortable and familiar with the process and the hearings.

Handling your Case. Personally...

While I do not accept all cases, the ones that I do take I handle those cases. Personally. I interview my clients myself. I review each medical record before the hearing. I write a brief (a sort of roadmap) in each case so that the Administrative Law Judge can better understand your case. After a favorable decision, I have talked with my client when the case is finished to answer any questions my client may have.

I have never met a person who asked to become disabled. When good people find themselves unable to work, to support their families and to pay their bills as they once did, they sometimes feel as if their whole world is closing in on them. I understand that. That is why for the last 35 years, I have continued to fight as a Social Security Disability lawyer in the Indianapolis area on behalf of injured, sick and disabled to help them get the Social Security disability benefits to which they are entitled. For your convenience, I have two offices located in Central Indiana: 8888 Keystone Crossing Blvd, Suite 1300, Indianapolis, IN 46240 and 215 West 8th Street, Anderson, IN 46016. Please call my toll free number: 800-296-2290 or send me an e-mail through this website and let me know when is a good time to meet.

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